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Belarus National Radio/Telecom Technical Regulation TR 2018/024/BY ( text in English; text in Russian ) has been approved with the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of Belarus No.: 469 dated 20 June 2018. The Technical Regulation TR 2018/024/BY becomes mandatory from 01.01.2019   and will replace the current mandatory requirements set forth in the Resolution 849/2016 (clause 10 of the List of Products  - which is Annex to the Resolution 849/2016 ).

The Radio/Telecom approvals issued in acc. with 849/2016 Resolution are valid until their expiry date.

Products to be approved in acc. with the TR/2018/024/BY need to be marked with TR BY mark.

BELLIS is an accredited Certification Body/Testing laboratory for radio/telecom products in accordance with Belarus mandatory requirements. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions on Belarus radio/telecom requirements and have you as our Customer. Tel./Fax: +375 17 288 16 41