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Energy Efficiency requirements enforced in Belarus from July 1st 2018 (Resolution 849/2016) – National TV coverage

On 25.04.2018 BELLIS has conducted in Minsk an International Seminar

“Using Belarusian Standards for the Purposes of Conformity Assurance Procedures with regard to Energy Efficiency Requirements for Household and Office Equipment” to support market participants in fulfillment of the requirements of the Resolution 849/201.

Results of discussions held in the framework of the seminar, as well as the position of market participants (Atlant), regulators (Mr. Valentin Tataritsky, Deputy Chairman of Gosstandart) and EU experts (Mr. Christoph Tuerk, VDE Institute) have been reflected in the coverage of the central National TV Channel – BT.

17.05.2018  Program «Area of Interests». Coverage starts at 8:25

19.05.2018  Program «Panorama».

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