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Update on Energy Efficiency/Energy Labelling requirements in Belarus (Resolution No.:156 dated 26.02.2018) - BELLIS Letter No.: 198/1 dd 13.03.2018

BELLIS Letter Ref.: No.: 198/1 dd 13.03.2018                           

Update on Energy Efficiency/Energy Labelling requirements in Belarus.

Resolution No.:156 dated 26.02.2018.

Dear Partner,

Please be informed that a Resolution of the Council of Ministers of Belarus No.: 156 dd 26.02.2018 has been issued (see annex Annex 1 or via the following link: ) introducing modifications to the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of Belarus No.: 849 dd 21.10.2016.

As you know, there was an attempt to force Belarus cancel its Energy Efficiency/Energy Labelling requirements (that come into force from 1st July 2018) via putting pressure on EAEU Member States to approve the poorly prepared draft of EAEU Technical Regulation on Energy Efficiency that had too many unsolved issues – see BELLIS Letter No.: 151 dated 22.02.2018 . And some organizations and associations in Russia, such as RATEK, were informing international manufacturers to wait and not to apply for Belarus Energy Efficiency Certification because soon Belarus requirements would be cancelled due to adoption of this unified EAEU Energy Efficiency Technical Regulation (EAEU EE TR). However, the decision of the EAEU Member States was that the available draft of the EAEU EE TR cannot be approved in its current state, and experts should continue working further on the draft (EAEU EE TR implementation is expected approx. from 01.02.2022, after which there would be 24 months transitional period, meaning the EAEU EE/EL requirements would become mandatory from 01.02.2024).

As we have been previously informing, Belarus fully follows its strategy in systematic adoption of Energy Efficiency/Energy Labelling requirements set forth in Resolution No.: 849 and is not going to cancel them. The newly adopted Resolution No.: 156 confirms the implementation date of mandatory Energy Efficiency/Energy Labelling requirements for most product categories from 1st July 2018 (full list of covered product categories you can see in clause 3 in Annex to Resolution 849 which is also an Annex 3 to Bellis letter No.: 151 dated 22.02.2018). At the same time, for two product categories, that is  TV Sets/TV Monitors (3.9) and Microwave Ovens (3.10) the implementation date is postponed for 6 months, that is to 1.01.2019.  This is done by Belarus Government to make the process more smooth and comfortable for Manufacturers and Belarus Certification Bodies taking into account the volume of the certification works to be done (as well as fulfilling requirements on consumer informing and energy labelling) just in a few months that are left; and that Manufacturers started to apply for Belarus EE Certification just recently due to misleading “wait” recommendations described above.

Taking into account that third-party test reports (including manufacturer test reports) can be accepted for the purpose of Belarus Energy Efficiency Certification until September 1st 2018, most of customers would prefer to utilize this opportunity without delay taking into account the growing number of certification applications (and therefore longer leadtime) the closer the implementation date is.

Also the  Resolution No.: 156 confirms that Belarus Radio/Telecom requirements (clause 10 in the Annex to Resolution 849) continue to be valid. As we informed you previously in our letter No. 151, these requirements will be valid until (and further replaced with) new Belarus Radio/Telecom Technical Regulation (now under approval at the Council of Ministers of Belarus) is implemented.

We will continue to timely inform you on the current situation and planned changes in the technical regulation system of Belarus and Eurasian Economic Union. Please feel free to contact us via for any additional information.


ANNEX 1   Resolution of the Council of Ministers of Belarus No.: 156 dd 26.02.2018 introducing modifications to the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of Belarus No.: 849 dd 21.10.2016.

ANNEX 2  List of products subject to  Energy Efficiency/Energy Labelling (EE/EL) and Radio/Telecom Requirements in Belarus (in accordance with the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of Belarus No.: 849 dd 21.10.2016 amended with Resolutions 77/2017 and 156/2018).